Research & Innovation Roundtable Findings Now Available

The BCSP Foundation’s Research & Innovation Summit represents a convergence of committed individuals unified by a singular mission–ensuring the safety of people. Their careers are dedicated to this noble cause, exemplified by their participation in the Summit and by the valuable thoughts, concepts, and inquiries presented here.

The contents within the Roundtable Analysis encapsulate innovative ideas intended to stimulate contemplation on how this profession can evolve, adapt, and transform in sync with changing times. These topics will provide the framework for our Research & Innovation Grants, ensuring that the ideas generated during Summit roundtable discussions are actively funded and researched.

This industry mandates a lifelong commitment to learning, and our inspiration is that the insights from the discussions will ignite fresh, reflective ideas that will provide us all with new, better, and safer ways to work.

2023 R&I Summit Roundtable Findings