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Creating a Safer Future Through Research and Innovation

SHIFT emerged from BCSP Foundation and BCSP’s shared commitment to drive necessary and powerful change in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) industry. At its core, SHIFT strives to provide opportunities for voices to be heard, research to be cultivated, dispersed, and developed into action, and for communities to come together for meaningful engagement and partnership.

What sets SHIFT apart is our dedication to transforming research into practice. We will advance the EHS industry by expanding the field of study and creating straightforward, actionable guidelines that can be transferred into daily practice.

We want to be the voice for your ideas and innovation. We want to work smarter and live safer. We want to SHIFT the way we think about safety. Will you join us?


SHIFT is dedicated to creating a safer future through research, innovation, and shared experience; our mission is to provide a platform for leading edge research and best practices in environment, health, and safety for all who need it.


We believe that today’s challenges produce tomorrow’s solutions. It is our purpose and social responsibility to provide applicable, reliable, modern solutions to issues most critical to EHS professionals—creating a safer, healthier, more equitable tomorrow.

We seek to create that more equitable tomorrow providing a platform for cutting-edge research to be rigorously reviewed and globally disseminated. In keeping with our commitment to advancing practice, select research, published in SHIFT, will be developed into practice, and presented in our Best Practice Guide, available as a resource designed specifically for use in the field and accessed at no cost.

Best Practices

SHIFT will publish special edition open-source Best Practices Guide each year. These Guides are resources for professionals in the field. Best practices are developed directly from editor-selected, peer-reviewed research by the researchers themselves with the guidance of experienced practitioners. Each and every practice is designed specifically for use in the field available as written guides and, as appropriate, further developed into visual training material.

Editorial Team

Announcing SHIFT's Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor.

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