Managing Editor Letter

In our ever-evolving workplace, environmental, health, and safety (EHS) practitioners know the importance of continuing education. We know that industries, technology, and the general work environment are continuously changing, and with those changes come new hazards and risks for employees. This is why it is so crucial for EHS practitioners to stay up to date on emerging trends and ideas in the safety profession. Our dynamic work environments was the inspiration behind SHIFT: Global EHS Research to Practice,  a publication and tool that can be utilized by EHS professionals, at any level of their career, to stay current on the latest industry trends.

With SHIFT, our mission is to create a safer future through research, innovation, and shared experience. This publication provides a unique opportunity for researchers to participate in the development of best practice guides and create a uniform reference of EHS knowledge that practitioners around the world can utilize to all who need it.

As we cultivate research, transparency will be provided through each step of the review and publication process. SHIFT employs a double-blind peer-reviewed process for manuscript submissions to ensure fairness and impartiality for all original research submitted. This process withholds author information during the review and likewise withholds reviewer information from the author. This ensures that bias will not be a factor.

Knowledge and education are the tools that limit workplace illnesses and injuries. Transforming research into practice drives our academic community and advances our EHS practitioners toward safer work conditions for our employees.

Thank you for supporting SHIFT. Your dedication to EHS powers our ability to advance research and innovation and ultimately create a safer world for all.