Letter from the Editor in Chief

As an educator for more than 20 years, I witness each and every day the profound effect that education has on individuals, on society, and, specifically, our profession. What students learn in the classroom is foundational knowledge that will serve them for the rest of their lives. But learning must continue outside of the classroom. Innovation, the promulgation of ideas, isn’t a sedentary practice. It takes nurturing. It takes effort. It takes a commitment to education that far surpasses our schooling days.

In our profession, we must continue to be students. As technology, industries, and the general work environment change and evolve, so must we evolve. We do this by learning. By researching and experimenting with new ways to address familiar issues, we can prevent future risk.

Through SHIFT: Global EHS Research to Practice, we can give voice to those seeking to solve new issues and provide actionable improvements to long-existing risk. We can share ideas and innovate new technologies and processes. We can join as a community for the common purpose we all seek—protecting lives in the workplace.

As Editor in Chief of SHIFT, I hope to lend my experience in academia and expertise in the EHS field to help provide a valuable global resource designed to turn research into functional guidelines to be used in the field. Together, we can create a forum to disseminate new ideas and thought processes. We can achieve our goal of preventing injury. We can shift how we work and the means in which we learn.

I encourage you to join us in our mission of bringing together a global audience and sharing new and exciting ideas. Thank you for supporting SHIFT.